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To maintain the comfort level of your house, it is essential to have efficient heating and cooling systems. At Castle Plumbing & Heating Inc., we provide heating and cooling services, Airdrie, to keep your systems running smoothly. Above all, our certified team offers quality workmanship and commitment. In every project that we handle, our focus is on customer satisfaction. We know the importance of a heating and cooling system in Airdrie homes and properties. Therefore, we offer the most reliable heating and cooling services and can install, repair, and maintain furnaces, boilers, heaters, and air conditioners.

Hiring a professional service might feel like a task. However, there are many benefits to hiring us. We ensure the enhanced efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Moreover, with our services, the lifespan of the system increases while your energy bill decreases. Get the best heating and cooling services by booking an appointment with us now!

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Incredible and responsive service. Our thermostat broke in the middle of December, had the most kind, knowledgeable technician come and fix it for us. 100% would recommend.
Kyla-Leigh MALISH
Kyla-Leigh MALISH
05:17 11 Sep 22
Tyler Ritz
Tyler Ritz
16:56 28 Nov 21
very wonderful company to work with, and customer service is amazing. Highly recommend.
Keynan Payne
Keynan Payne
16:01 28 Jul 21
So thankful for the entire team at Climate Control Services. From the quote, to the installation everyone was so great to deal with.
Ashley Pretty
Ashley Pretty
21:47 27 Jun 21


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Furnace Repair & Installation Airdrie

In winter, furnaces are a must to heat the inside air. They are important when it comes to keeping your house warm. Moreover, they serve in summer as well. They help to circulate the conditioned air throughout the house from your cooling system. If you are looking for constant air passage or circulation, furnaces are a good choice to consider. They add significant comfort to your life. However, what happens when a furnace stops working? Or the heat exchanger gets damaged? You will need professional help to repair or replace it. This is where Castle Plumbing & Heating Inc. jumps in. We offer furnace repair & installation services, Airdrie. Count on our trusted service to keep the right amount of heat to warm your house. Our team specializes in working with several furnaces. You name it, we install it.

Plumbing Services Airdrie

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Castle Plumbing & Heating inc. provides you with the best possible plumbing services. We have specially designed our services to be reliable, affordable, and efficient. Our customer care will assist you on your single phone call. Whether you are facing issues like leaky taps, low water pressure, tankless hot water heater failure, or need a complete pipe replacement, call us, and we can tackle all of your plumbing repair and installation problems. You can also contact us in case of an unexpected plumbing emergency.

Have a clogged drain? Hire our plumbing services, Okotoks, to solve your problem. We give an expert drain cleaning service to unclog your plumbing lines. It might be hair in the shower or food in the kitchen sink that causes a drain to clog. Depend on us to clean your drains. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax. Also, there is no limit to our plumbing repair expertise. Therefore, we can handle even the toughest of tasks.

AC Repair & Installation Services Airdrie

Air conditioners are important as they reduce the humidity and keep you cool throughout the summer. To combat the scorching heat, your air conditioner must be working right. If it stops working, the chances of high humidity increase. Not to mention, high humidity is linked to molds, dust mites, dehydration, and heat strokes. To save yourself, get in touch with us for the best ac repair & Installation services, Airdrie. We provide commercial and residential ac repair services. Our service is prompt and friendly and can get your home comfortable and cool quickly. Above all, we aim to exceed your expectations. Our technicians can easily detect and repair the issues in your air conditioner with minimal disruption. Moreover, we have our vehicles ready with stock and repair parts. This helps us to make your cooling system up and running as soon as possible.

Hydronics Services Airdrie

Hydronic heating systems work by running a hot liquid like glycol or water through a plastic pipe. These tubes are mostly installed in a concrete slab as a radiant in-floor heating system. Additionally, these allow the even flow of heat across the entire floor surface. An efficient hydronic system allows quick warm-up, provides multiple heating zones, and delivers directional heat. However, if they are not working effectively, you might need to seek professional heating and cooling services.

Castle Plumbing & Heating inc. can help you repair the boiler system, heat conductor, manifold, pump, heat exchanger, and tubing in a hydronic system. We are a quality and professional service in Airdrie. You can contact us if your radiant heating system is not producing enough heat. Moreover, we can also help you if you are looking to upgrade your current system to a hydronic system. Therefore, contact us to get the best Hydronics services in Airdrie. You won’t regret our heating and cooling services, Airdrie!