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Castle Plumbing & Heating Inc

Calgary Locally Owned Company

We offer multiple services for all your HVAC needs. Whether you need help with your Heating, Plumbing, Cooling, or Hydronics, we have the solution with our professional services. We rigorously choose our technicians to make sure they are experienced and will provide you with the best customer service on the market. Our technicians use only the best equipment and take no shortcuts when providing you with the perfect experience. Castle Plumbing & Heating also provides 24-hour emergency services to all of our clients. It’s a bummer when your boiler or cooling system breaks down in the middle of the night, especially with how harsh Canadian winters are. That’s why we offer a 24 hours emergency service to our clients with the high-quality services Castle Plumbing & Heating is known for.

Heating Services

Canadian winters can be harsh, making it a nightmare to live and work. Whether you work from home or come back home after a long day at work on a freezing day, all you want is a cozy and warm place to be in. We’ve been in the business for more than 20 years, and we know how bad winters get in western Canada. That’s why we’ll help you get the perfect heating system for your house. We’ll ensure that your home is always warm. Our heating systems are one of the highest quality and most reliable in the market. So, if you want to install an affordable heating system in your house, call us today, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your needs.

Plumbing​ Services

We complete all of our plumbing services with experts with years of experience. So you can rest assured our services are reliable and professional. But there’s one thing that’s even more important for us that many plumbers overlook: Cleanliness and Respect. Most plumbers come into your house with dirty shoes and leave a trail of mud behind them after the service. We at Castle Plumbing & Heating think that it’s unacceptable no matter how good your technicians are. We train our experts to make sure they always respect your home and won’t leave you with a house full of dirt after the service is complete. Whatever your plumbing needs are, get in touch today, and we’ll get you an expert plumber for all your needs.

Cooling Services

You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the summer without a proper AC system. Temperatures in summer can get high, and no one wants to sit at home sweltering and drenched in sweat. At Castle Plumbing & Heating, we know how important a comfortable indoor environment is. That’s why we make sure that our AC systems are top-tier quality and affordable. Our expert technicians will make sure that your system always runs at peak efficiency, and they’ll make all the necessary calculations to ensure you have an AC system that is sized correctly for your home. If you want to make your home a chill and refreshing place during hot summers, call us now, and we’ll advise you on the best-suited AC system for your house.

Hydronics Services

When it comes to heating your home, having a robust heating system can make all the difference. You can adjust the temperatures as needed according to your comfort levels. Hydronics systems heat water in a boiler to move heat around your home, and it has multiple benefits other than making your house warm. Hydronic systems are quiet, efficient, and very cost-effective. Depending on your home, it can cost up to 20% less than a ducted system with average ceiling heights. At Castle Plumbing & Heating, we’ll make sure to install a high-quality hydronic system that will last for years and will keep your home warm and cozy even in the harshest of winters. So, if you want to install a hydronic system in your house, call us now, and we’ll help you with all your questions.

What You Can Expect When You Work with Us

Working with our team of ultimately means you’ll enjoy high quality service on every call.

Respectful Technicians

We know how awful it is to have a disrespectful technician leaving your house a mess after the service. That’s why we make sure that our experts will respect your house and never leave a mess trailing behind them.

Licensed & Insured

Knowing that the company you’re working with is licensed and insured will put your mind at ease. We carry out all repairs and installations following strict regulations to always ensure your safety.

Fully Stocked Trucks

To make sure you always have the parts and tools you need, we keep our trucks fully stocked at all times. So if you have an emergency and need a specific part or tool, rest assured that we’ll have it

We Service All Brands

We wanted to guarantee a complete service from the start. That’s why we service all brands, and we’ll repair your HVAC system no matter the brand.